Banknotenprüfer EC350 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF mit LCD Display

Banknotenprüfer EC350 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF mit LCD Display

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Produktinformationen "Banknotenprüfer EC350 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF mit LCD Display"

Professioneller Automat um Banknoten schnell und zuverlässig auf Währung, Wert und Echtheit zu prüfen.


1. Successfully tested in ECB, 100% counterfeit notes can be detected

2. High sensitive and without maintenance design(no need to clean any sensors within 3 years).

3. Easy to operate: The banknote can be accepted from all directions

4. Detection speed: <0.5second/note

5. 2D Size Detection

6. Ultraviolet detection

7. Magnetic ink detection.

8. Metal Thread detection.

9. Infrared accurate detection.

10. Paper quality detection.

11 Total value counting and denomination/currency/amount counting.

12. Power saving: automatically turn off the LCD backlight after 30 seconds without operation.

13. Audible alarm when detecting counterfeit note.

14. Large LCD display with blue backlight

15. Compact space design

16. Updatable by PC cable.(optional)

17. 12V Power cable of the car.(optional)

18. Double power suppliers:

 C9V or Rechargeable Lithium Battery (optional)




1. Operation Temperature: 0- 40

2. Storage Temperature: -20- 70

3. Ambient Humidity: 25% - 80%

4. Dimensions: 138 x 125 x 75 (mm)

5. Net Weight: 0.6kg

6. Display: 12 bit digitals large LCD with blue backlight

7. Power Source: DC9V or 7.5V Lithium Battery (optional)

8. Detection Speed: < 0.5 second/note

9. Power Consumption: 5W

10. Certification: ECB CE, ROHS ,3C approved



 Packing Details:


Carton Dimensions: 22x18.5x11.5cm

N.W.: 0.6kg

G.W.: 0.95kg




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